It is interesting to see the interplay between the home office and climate change activists. The government are trying their best to make the protesters to appear in a negative light. At the first opportunity, when the protesters technically contributed to the harm of a member of the public who was unable to get access to critical health care because of the disruption, the government came down with a heavy hand. It is fair to say the government were waiting for such a tragic opportunity.

The protesters make a fair point that the government are not taking the biggest threat to humanity seriously. The government mainly serve vested interests dressed up as public interest and the environment is secondary to wealth and prosperity. The demand of insulating every home in the uk would make effective social policy, but will be rebutted because it’s a slippery slope to social policy based on public opinion. For many deregulating the housing market is more important at maintaining wealth than considering hour homes can affect the climate.

The governments response is laying down further draconian laws because they will not beat the protesters. The protesters are well informed and willing to sustain their protests through all current legal ramifications. Collectively people can bring down a government and it’s currently the case of watching the government try to stamp out the current protests because that is the only option available; authoritarianism.