Change requires a shift away from systems to which we are dependent. This is a barrier to societal change.

Change brings about upheaval with an element of suffering. This is a barrier to societal change.

Change occurs through selfless action. This is a barrier to societal change.

Change occurs momentarily. This creates societal change.

Systems and structures are built to be self-fulfilling, if an element has dependencies that are external to the integral system it becomes an uncontrollable point of failure. When getting competitors to replicate initial work, the plans should always include elements that should be removed without affecting the function but whilst left in the blueprints anyone copying them shall have increased points of failure in the system. At least this would be the case in the Opsec of a Plutocrat.

As people are dependent on the system of inequality then change requires risk and it is easy to train people to be risk-averse through the worst fears. Societal change requires realising that perspective can be controlled and this is the main hindrance to change. This is when discussing alternatives to the current broken system there appear to be few options. Fordism once taught the power of choice and having any colour so long as it was on the shelf.

When meta-scaping the current societal order it is clear that all alternatives to the current system have been written out of discourse, this was easy to do, as all change requires suffering that all are sensitised to. Sensitivity to suffering is a natural process making utilisation simple to implement.

Does this mean to create that to create change the general public must be blindsided from to bring about? And the answer is that nature will perform this task and societal change is not going to be from human invention. Human consciousness has been placed in check by systems outside of the known world. One way to perceive these structures is through meta-scaping. Humans are technically prisoners to their own minds currently with no keyhole in view.

To bring about change then is a greater undertaking than has been perceived up until this point. The force of nature will prevail and how humans can work in tandem with nature is the key to our emancipation. Change occurs in the moments between existence, action brings about transient change, whereas, permanent change is of a fixed position between being.