The British bureaucratic system veraciously protects those within its system in exchange for being uncritical to how the entire system is managed and promoting an aversion to large scale departmental changes.

The DVLA has struggled because even though they are considered civil servants, many of the employees are low paid and perform administrative duties, the largest consideration would be data security, as the DVLA hold the records of all adults who drive within the UK and issues documents to identify a person. This means that working from home is not really an option, because the pay grade of the employees doesn’t warrant data integrity. Whilst people in other departments have access to highly sensitive information, there is a big difference to the size of the pie when typing in a person’s postcode and seeing all the people who live at that address with a driving license. This isn’t access that can be an issue to people who live in a relative hand to mouth state with a debt pile that needs servicing.

This is an organisation that only accepts cheques and postal orders for some of it’s services. It’s website closes at 7pm. It’s complaints department postcode shares the same initials as Hitler. And those who pick up the phone for the DVLA should be thanked for doing their best to help people muddle through this bureaucratic mess.