Through the application of theory realities can be engineered, these are reflections of reality and therefore hard to differentiate from the reality of a situation as the reflection is a thing in itself. By using angles and selective lighting it is possible to change the shape of reality that as one passes through, like the room of mirrors at a circus.

This construct has the potential to defragment reality since post-modernism fragmented itself apart. People are becoming increasingly decentralised in their nature, when fragmented it makes people overly sensitive, people who knew what being an adult in the twentieth century felt like cannot understand how their centred identity is no longer present in the generation who became adults at the turn of this millennia. Decentralisation can empower people to live free and independent from any unnecessary centralised authority. There is always going to be law and order, but the decisions made that affect peoples lives should be made by themselves and not incompetent politicians.

To advance understanding past the limiting factor of internet-based subjectivity, a new objectivity is required and the current hegemony relinquished of control. To know the object is impossible, to decide on its position via subjectification is the power underpinning society.

There are two main types of interest, there is self-interest with its personal subjectification for immediate gratification, combined with vested interest, which brings about a collective solidarity of all profiting from the same game. Those who profit from either of these two systems will ultimately aim to impede the development of competing systems, this is only natural and expected. Whilst you accept such interests people will never be free and forever indebted.

So it’s accepted that narratives are reflections of realities and the interpretation has a multiplicity, and opinion can easily be divided, with stories taken to the nth degree. Using logical imperatives and other tools for correlating and contrasting real-life events using filtering and magnification. This creates an extreme perspective where anything is possible. Before starting such an endeavour it is fair to say that in life it is important to treat all people equally who speak the same language, during these discourses it’s going to include people who have been harmed tragically, they are innocent and how they feature is in the sense of fact and this should not equate to anything about that person personally. It’s a matter of fact, said fiction.

This is designed to talk through the ensuing extreme in perspective designed to provoke discourse, knowing how the current media system works it will easily be taken out of context and a form of fictionlising reality, it is a means of artistic expression against the sheer incompetance observed from all those in positions of responsibility and power. They are serving vested interest and nothing else.