To overcome the current hegemony requires an alternate approach to all approaches currently on offer. When asked for alternatives to the current system of governance there are few meaningful discourses. It can be argued that this stems from the development of capitalism from imperialism, where asserting dominance at the cost of viable resistance is intrinsic to the safe haven of free market economics.

No viable alternative is an integral part of maintaining hegemony and there is a pattern of allowing resistance through the failed system of socialism and all its inefficiencies, and this prevents creating meaningful discourse on actuating change.

The first step towards altering the balance of power is redefining all terms under the influence of hegemony. Moving back to the blank slate requires redefining all possibilities into a new light. Every term to enact change has to be defined at the point of its introduction, using the words of the previous hegemony, and hegemony referring to the current intellectual development for maintaining order in society, will need redefining before change becomes a possibility and a viable reality.