As people march and petition to save the life of a single animal, the bridge between truth and honesty breaks

The way to win wars is to make an opponent fight a harder battle before the final level. If they make it to the final they would surely win but with enough moves ahead that can be made impossible.

In the age of Plutocracy, there are ways and means which need abstraction to make understanding their potential possible and rather than jumping down a rabbit hole it is the case of stepping back to see where reason departs. The battles that people fight are the ones that are at the forefront of the mind, these can be placed there via media, which paints impressions on the psyche and brings about results.

In the game of chess, there is the strategy of making an opponent concentrate on another part of the board to which the real game is being played. This can be done by creating a potential threat, or likewise, give the impression of making ground. There are many terms for this in the modern age, although words no longer have a fixed meaning and therefore should be assessed at every use.

People fight wars of words and choose their battles not wisely but emotionally. Training human beings to emotionally respond is beneficial to rational and logical thinkers, as a Plutocrat, I would begin by altering the education system to reduce the capacity for logical thoughts creating outcomes and get people to engage with the ambiguity of their emotions and call it being healthy. As the generations pass people will lose the ability to form consequences based on balanced reference points.

Knowledge is disseminated in the modern world through the Internet, traditional new media still holds hegemony and there are user moderated sources, and also non-moderated sources. The media itself cherry picks facts to create narratives and follows the traditional print format for editorial content. Non-moderated content is found on user profile aggregate feeds where people curate their own idea’s and echo the ideas of others.

The business model of holding attention is fueled by profiteering and companies that own the links between peoples private communications has no real purpose other than to make themselves as sticky as possible. They can lay claim to philanthropy but this is a false ideal when not done with total sincerity.

To keep a number of moves ahead means that you can safely employ people when you can regulate the outcome, these mechanisms of control are opaque in nature, as meritocracy dictates that preferred action brings about advantage. The chattering glass elect based on who butters the bread.