Britain and EU quietly announce the turning off of power-sharing networks, whilst the Spanish are taking the profits of its energy companies to fund the increased prices being felt across western Europe. The new reported today how the electricity supply from France had been turned off and inferred it is based on a technical fault. When looking at the wider picture it is one narrative in an unfolding story about how energy and specifically electricity will increase in demand.

The powerful countries of the world have learned from the third industrial age that profiting from energy is the most lucrative industry and epitomised by the petro-dollar economy which flourished in the late twentieth century. The age of conservation is approaching and energy companies will diversify, much like how cigarette manufacturers are investing in inhalers in the coming pollution filled decades.

The oil industry is now reaching its peak, with consumption being reduced based on taxation, a key part of all modern democracies in the coming decade is to choose leaders who actually care about the environment. Paying lip service to the environment does nothing and whilst vested interest profit from destroying the planet will be unable to heal. Monitoring and asserting the conceit in the actions of politicians is a powerful tool to yield from the advantage point of democracy.

The age of electricity is gaining ground and now covers the daily lives of individuals, transportation long distances are still reliant on twentieth-century technologies and in time replaced by energy-efficient equivalents. The petrodollar will be like a cornered animal and will have hopefully have diversified enough to let go of profiting from destruction. Whoever thought to profiteer from energy was acceptable created knaves and in toto collective fools.

The next age will be one of safe nuclear, don’t build power plants where earthquakes happen, nor allow them to be run by corrupt or incompetent governments. Nuclear has the potential in the next twenty years to create all the electricity humanity requires. For this to occur it needs stable and productive nations, if the power runs out for too long anarchy would ensue.