What is the benefit of faking discourse to extremes? Can a benefit be taken or does it add fuel to the perpetual fire of hatred that taints all of human history, far from a modern invention

The social media stage has made people’s words come into contact with people they hurt their feelings. Staying neutral in this debate as it lacks any substance beyond lived experience. The recording of the sentimentality is a fraught and impossible task, poetry being the closest match to express such abstract experiences. And there few poets that make it to centre stage.

Regardless of good taste the artist at times has to paint pictures that humanity does not want to see, painting it to express a deep dissatisfaction to the ignorance of humanity to the harm it produces and inflicts on one another and nature, our most hospitable host.

No apologies will be given, maybe cancer is the cost for stalling evolution with a species infected with mediocrity. Or should that be apologies in advance…

Nope. Humanity needs to mend its ways, or sit back and take what’s coming based on its present course. Please don’t this personally it’s humanity as a collective that is the problem. Selfless contributors rather than selfish consumers would make good theory into practice.