Well, today is the worst day of all possible days in a reverse Panglossian mindset, people are acknowledging the dominion in their lives.

Tragedy is when something possessed is only realised at the point of it loss, society is reaching the point of peak consumption in the latter stages of the thrid industrial revolution, the next generation has been raised on looking for experience over possessions and this sits nicely with the prevailing fourth industrial revolution. What people had before this point was moderate autonomy that was hegemonised into mediocrity and small scale competition networks. Countries with good local competition went on to success globally and there was a link between production and the attainment of value.

The current system has a number of over inflated businesses that have used their monopoly in particular markets to begin expanding into avenues of peoples lives. Google sorted the internet and the advertising revenue mapped the world, Facebook owns the links between peoples private data and provides access to marketeering ventures that will result in mind control for the unprepared. There is Amazon that became the market place of the internet and put it’s creator into space, with AWS powering many other businesses and government organisations.

The dominion lies past all of these organisations and people are blindsided by short sighted opinions.

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