The industries which intrinsically maintain life have reached the highest point, We can through the use of electromagnetic forces scan the entire body for complete biopsy, our understanding of the external world has a great deal of work to do but with science we can say with repeatable surety that human is a fundamentally destructive force.

How does Humanity reconcile with the fact that the planet would be a more stable ecosystem without our presence? We can take comfort in the fact that nature introduces destructive forces for good reason as it makes the way for new growth, so Humanity shouldn’t feel guilt for what they have done. It can be argued that humanity has reached its peak consumption and in the eyes of nature, this means naturally the start of a decline in the environment for Humanity.

Nature can be hostile on levels Humanity have developed Hubris to, in their battles between one another. Nature is a different beast.

Humanity has its consciousness which allows it to collectively work more effectively in large groups at controlling its environment. There are animals that live off the back of humanity, all these animals are wonderfully designed for such a purpose, whereas many animals that don’t have the ability to run, hide or fight, are either domesticated or exterminated to a greater or lesser degree.

Humanity doesn’t really need to cover the basic human needs, the only reason why human suffering exists in this world still is because of humans themselves. There needn’t be hardship, with technology providing all necessary resources, but as collective groups, they have fragile societies and are intimidated or threatened by foreign cultures and ideas.

Also, the advancements that brought about these changes were also in part ego-driven, so the things which drive humans to make other humans suffer is also the force that brought about human necessities being covered.