Whilst reading Foucault, there can up the idea that government is a means to conduct the conduct of others. For this I would describe it as the art of herding cats.

The modern democratic world is built on the public electing officials who then follow legislation in their decision making processes. This has worked at establishing non overtly corrupt societies, whereby there is accountability to the legislature for elected officials. If removing overt corruption is the ideal of all society then democracy is working well, this is to negate society as a means to advance the people it within its bounds.

Stability built on ignorance is a fragile state to be in, when reaching the milestone of a non overtly corrupt society should be the point we accelerate discourse on the direction society is moving in, when its observable that gentrification is the apparent end outcome in recent times.

The significance of politics lies in it being the bridge between power and freedom, power often needs to be centralised for it to be effective but those who yield to higher authority can equally become victims of the same power. The bridge between freedom and power has recently become a gated society, where those with the keys castigate those without to harsh realities enforcing obsequiousness.