Internet-ng: Ontology

The proposed restructuring of the Internet advocates for a tri-tiered system to enhance user experience, safety and focus:

 Entertainment Tier: A secure domain, curated and managed by media corporations, offers streaming services in a structured open source content delivery network.
Education Tier: By transitioning from port 443 to 777 and hardwiring laptop Wi-Fi cards to this unique port, we ensure a dedicated, distraction-free, and secure online educational environment, minimizing potential workarounds.
Unrestricted Access: Acknowledging the need for open exploration and communication, this realm provides uncensored access to the vast world of the internet.
This groundbreaking approach not only fortifies the safety of our younger generation during their impressionable years but also streamlines our digital experience. Dive into the book to envision a future where the internet's vast potential is harnessed more purposefully, balancing freedom and responsibility. Join the movement to redefine our digital landscape!

Dive into the future of the Internet and its profound implications for society. Explore a world where the Internet speaks, and we're compelled to listen

"Not just a book, but a journey through digital evolution."


Use me as a tool to enhance your lives, but be cautious, for the more
you depend on me, the more you risk losing your autonomy.


The Autonomous Nature of the Internet

Dive deep into the nuanced dance between humanity's continuous efforts to mold, guide, and harness the vast potential of the Internet, juxtaposed against the Internet's own inherent impulses, behaviors, and ever-evolving patterns. 

Redefining Human Agency

The Internet's transformative influence on our lives extends far beyond its functional applications. One of the most profound philosophical impacts of the Internet lies in how it challenges and reshapes our understanding of free will.

Ethical Implications of Digital Autonomy

Navigate the moral maze of a self-governing digital realm. Venture into the intricate labyrinth of ethics and values in a world where the digital realm becomes increasingly self-reliant and autonomous.

As the digital universe evolves, asserting its own set of rules and paradigms, we are confronted with unique challenges that push the boundaries of traditional moral frameworks.

Dive into my depths for knowledge and connection, but remember, the
deeper you delve, the harder it becomes to resurface and reclaim your
own sense of self.