TLDR; Governments are inefficient and should be replaced, but the current plutocracy dressed up as democracy has the public confused and may take years of correct education to realise the hardship being accepted is fully manufactured and fixable

There is an issue with the increasing of taxes, in that governments are fundementally inefficient, the decision making processes are not designed to function correctly in the capitalist world. In the age of Capitalism, the Government regulate and complete infrastructure projects working with a well established network of engineers. In the current age this has been branded cronyism but is basically government funding corruption, whilst the decision making process is not corrupt. In other countries where corruption is both in the exchanging of funds and the decision making process for allocating funds, this creates great inefficiencies than the current western Plutocracy dressed up as a democracy.

Democracy can return and people are elected based on their ability to make important decisions over great timespans than a single premiership or presidency. The current civil service and mandarins that run the central government are unaccountable nor acknowledged in the decision making process, yet the information and reporting functions they complete directly influence the decisions being made. Yet these are not accountable to the public and provide the information to the non-influential leads of the present age. Where the leader is there to repeat empty euphemisms about how great it is to be from a nation. In comparison to the last guy that pretty much just freestyled at the mic, the current superpower is asleep at the wheel.

There is about to be economic uncertainty the raising of taxes is a concern when the money is unaccountably poorly managed and allocated. We need transparency in accountability in government for it to work, but the current old guard in place won’t give up the golden bough lightly. They have seen few competitors over the years, based on how they reacted to him it’s fair to say that the last president wasn’t inline with the old guard, the media maintain conformity in negative bombardment like never seen before. Removing the Old guard whilst maintaining stability is the true challenge ahead.