At the point of peak consumption, the shelves will no longer be required to expand, choice will rescind as demand increases and manufacturers a new form of rationing. It will take time to become apparent as the modern western world will fall foul of hubris before the decline becomes noticeable.

The centralisation of consumption as the means to signify existence will lead to the next great disenfranchisement, where people have been captive-bred on televised media with adverts signposting most key demarcation points. When the false ideals, epitomised by the ‘American Dream’, fade then mediocrity will lead to redundancy. And limited exit points on the path of self-destruction.

People have been trained to aspire to the position of the aristocrat without having being raised one. This is based on the definition of Aristocrat being ‘someone raised with every advantage’ whether this is education, socialising, enhanced security from the harsh world and a childhood without the concept of money. Now the soon to be disenfranchised aspire to achieve the ideal of the aristocracy but only to attain the same final position. How they get there is not a smooth and naturally elevated position, but one of a commitment to slavery and the vice that holds them in place is one of debt and credit agreements.

There are many hacks in life and raising aristocrats is sagacious and therefore rarely addressed.