The Internet has created many moral and ethics quandaries which they are no apparent answers to, this equates to ineffective means of governance and in its day being labelled incompetant.

Whilst philosophising on the Internet as a thing in itself the darkness of truth became apparent. The Internet is a projection of human consciousness, it represents all of human ingenuity in digitalised forms. This has revolutionised life as we enter the fourth industrial age and knowledge can be used to improve the outcomes of all who come into contact with it. Then there are the byproducts of the system and every circus needs a sideshow.

Rather than hear about the terrible things on the Internet think about what you have heard reported or seen, to create an understanding there has to be an element of experience. What the Internet creates is an integral part of recorded history, whilst everything can be deleted it can equally be cached and compressed. Large parts of the net are blocked by nations with entire IP ranges excluded from the regular internet, whilst being widely available in some countries.

What occurs on the Internet can be associated with a person who creates or shares such ideas, whilst objectifying the situation with a change of perspective, if another conscious force looks upon humanity this is what we could be judged by. All handed the same sentence or fate for the collective acts of a conscious species. For this, there used to be religion but even that doesn’t work at helping people reason with their own destructive life force.

There is talk of fixing problems associated with the internet but as the regulators are technically incompetent and nor the ability to delegate the responsibility. Every human has to reckon with their own ability to destroy as equally as they can create.